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How to hang pictures in a stairwell

We recommend a number of options for stairwells and other high spaces.

The Beta system is traditionally a heavy duty system capable of holding up to 80kgs, it has some attributes that lend itself to this sort of situation when accessing the rail is an issue.

The Beta hangers are rigid, made of 4mm x 4mm steel, come in several lengths (up to 2m) and are powder coated to blend in with the interior. This means that the hooks can be positioned at the desired height on the rigid hanger and the user can stand on the floor, (or stairs) and holding the bottom of the hanger, hook the top and position the hangers onto the Beta rail at the top. This is our number one suggestion as this is the only system that can be used in this way. You will most likely still need a ladder but you won't have to reach the rail itself.

If you don’t want to use the rigid hangers as a feature, th

en another option is to use one of our other art hanging systems, with flexible hangers (see picture below). Once the rail is installed at the top of the wall there will need to be an access point, if it is a stairwell then it may be possible to insert the hangers at the top of the stairs and slide them along - positioning the hooks on the hangers before doing so will help. Not all hangers can freely slide along the rails so you should call us for some advice.

Option three is to come down the wall to an accessible level, which may be suitable. The Locator minirail is probably best for this as it is the most inconspicuous. See more at (insert link here).


By Brooke Jacobson

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