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How do I locate specific items?

Due to vast amount of products in any one range it may be necessary to navigate through more than one page to find what you need.

Though we have collected the individual ranges in to their own product page for ease of use, you may need to click between pages using the page number selector found at the bottom of each product page;

Each product page catagory list will be laid out in the following order:

  • Picture rail
  • Picture rail accessories
  • Picture hangers
  • Picture hooks
  • Picture hanging accessories and hardware

To the right of the page selector at the bottom of each page is a drop-down menu that lets you specify how many items you will see per page, this will automatically select 20 items for you, which can be adjusted as the user sees fit.

A useful feature of our website is the ability to narrow down the amount of hangers by length. At the top of the product window on any of the art hanging system pages there is a selection tool that when clicked will show hangers of the selected length only, this can of course be reset and then amended when needed.

In the case of the Avanti page and due to the Avanti being such a versatile picture rail, you’ll find the addition of the position selector which will allow the user to further narrow the hanger options specifically to their requirements, i.e; if the rail is going to be fixed to the ceiling and this is selected then the user will only be shown the Topfix hangers.

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