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Which components do I need?

All picture hanging systems need a certain number of components to function properly, in a basic kit this will include; Rail, Hangers and Hooks.

  1. Picture rail should be used at the top of a wall to maximise the hanging space below it.
  2. Hangers hang down from the picture rail giving the user the ability to adjust pictures or art work from left to right.
  3. Hooks slide up and down these hangers to give the user accurate adjustment of the pictures height.

If you are unsure which system is right for you then the following blog posts may help:

            Which picture rail should I use and where?

            How to choose the right picture rail to suit your walls.

Beyond the 3 basic components used as set out above, some systems with additional functionality such as lighting need additional components for proper use. The Locator multirail range uses a 12v power source which gives provisions for the addition of fully adjustable lighting, a 12v television or a standard digital picture frame all powered from the rail itself. Additional components for this system are:

            The transformer

            The powerline (including hook for Tv’s and digital frames / max 4amp)

            The lighting arms for use with a bulb

            The Halogen bulb (20watt)

            The MultiLED (4.5watt)

The amount of the above items isn’t always straight forward and we can work through it with you so please don’t hesitate to call us for advice on 1300 88 36 45

The amount of hangers and hooks needed will vary depending on the amount of pictures there are that need to be hung and the arrangement of them. Please read the following blog post for further advice on this:

            How many hangers and hooks should I allow for?

There are a few scenarios where you need to include or consider using some of the following products to make things easier, these are all on the Accessories page:

  • D-rings - Though small, these little bits of hardware are essential in the functionality of hanging straight pictures. D-rings are screwed to the back of a picture frame on either side, allowing a solid loop to hook into. Picture framers usually have these and in most cases you will find them attached to the frame with a string or wire tied between them. The ideal position for the D-rings are 50-60mm from the top of the frame (attached to the sides of the frame) this will give the correct lean of the picture when hanging.
  • Strap hangers - When pictures are of a certain size or more than 8kgs D-rings may be to small, Strap hangers are more substantial and enable the user to hang framed art work and pictures with confidence. The strap hanger products which are available with either two or three holes are made of steel and very strong. The ‘D’ is made of 2mm steel and hooked around the strap to ensure a secure hook point every time.
  • Bumper dots - Acid free and self-adhesive, these felt bumper dots have two useful functions: the first is the protect the surface of your wall from contact with the bottom of a picture frame eliminating scuff marks that can appear over a long period of time. Two the allow even circulation around a frame to minimise any twist or warping of the frame. See also How to minimise frame damage.

By Luke Norman

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