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Avanti picture hanging system

The Avanti system is renowned for its versatility. Used extensively in Galleries, homes and offices all over the world it’s a staple of our product ranges. The rail is made of aluminium then finished with a professional coating of either powder coated white or clear anodised silver. The rail can hold 30kgs per lineal metre and the same profile of rail can be mounted in four positions;

Avanti standard - To the face of a wall – this is the most popular way to use the Avanti system and is usually retrofitted (after a renovation or build has been completed). The rail fits neatly under a cornice or can come down from a high ceiling as a stand-alone rail. The silver rail has been used a lot to suit industrial interiors against exposed brick or feature walls.

Avanti cantilever - Recessed into a wall – The Avanti rail is 9.5mm deep making the process of recessing fairly simple. Plasterboard can simply butt-up to the rail and some sealed in using some jointing compound by a plasterer.

Avanti topfix - On or recessed into a ceiling – The rail can be fixed to the face of the ceiling or recessed in the same way as in the above cantilever method.

Avanti artshow - Mounted on top of a ¾ wall or exhibition panel – This is useful for hanging over the edge of a wall or hanging either side of an exhibition panel using the same rail.

Using the same rail for all positions is a popular solution as the user can order confidently knowing that they can use the off-cuts up in any scenario to maximise the potential of their home or gallery space.

Avanti floor to ceiling - The system can also be used in a floor to ceiling configuration, (either fixed to the floor to ceiling or to the very top and very bottom of the wall giving the same effect). The main advantage of using the Avanti system in this way over using a standard cable system (think Real estate window) is that it is very quick to adjust, adding or removing ‘columns’ of pictures or acrylic panels is simple so the user has no excuse for a messy display!

By Luke Norman

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