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What's the best way to hang posters?

Of course you can frame them but what if you want to refresh a space with an evolving display of posters. It may be that your office function rooms hold training sessions with different themes on different days, it may be that your son’s posters of his favourite show need replacing with something a little more grown up.

Posters are generally used because they can be taken down, rolled up and reused when they need to be and we have a couple of ways that you can hang them on your beautiful walls without repeated damage.

Postersnap - This is a great reusable product that literally snaps to the top and bottom of your poster stopping it from curling so it can hang and look great for as long as you require.

  1. It is made from clear anodised aluminium and can be screwed to the wall which is popular in an office fit-out situation where there is a need to hang posters, plans or banners usually of a standard size such as a commercial function room or an Architects office, the front of the postersnap conceals its fixings when the user snaps it down so when it’s not being used it blends in with the décor.
  2. Where this product really excels is when it is used as part of a complete hanging system. When used with a picture rail, hangers and hooks the user has complete flexibility of height, display and overall adjustability of the hanging.

Postersnap is a commercial grade solution that is also used in homes around Australia and is available in three standard lengths – 50cm, 70cm & 100cm

Paper rail - For hanging wider posters we have the Paper rail. This has a similar look to the Postersnap but is upto 200cm long, the different mechanism inside the rail enables instant changeover and is available in a wall fixed, permanent or a picture rail mounted version for maximum adjustability.


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