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What needs to be considered for using a picture hanging and lighting system

The Locator multirail range is recommended whereever there is a need for picture hanging and lighting as the rail houses lighting functionality within it allowing for complete adjustment of both position of pictures and lights.
When planning a quotation for this system there are a few things to consider and we urge you to get in touch with us to discuss. To help prepare you for this discussion the following list will give a guide to the bits of information we will ask in order to offer a complete and realistic initial quotation.
Some bullet points for your consideration of this system:
  • Each transformer powers 8m of track and omits 96watts of power
  • Halogen bulbs use 20watts each of this omitted power and therefore you can use a maximum of 4x halogen bulbs
  • LED bulbs, though not as bright use 4.5watts of power so you will be able to use as many as you like along the 8m of powered rail
  • When you join rails together in most cases you will need to connect the flow of the 12 volt current from rail to rail, for this we use an electrical connector. This is also possible around 90 degree corners
  • The transformer can be hard-wired by a qualified electrician to a switch or plugged into a wall socket (Australian plug supplied)
We know this system inside out and can answer any questions you may have about it to help you understand it too. Initially though, if you just want to get an idea of cost then best way forward to get a quote worked out properly is to draw a rough diagram of your rooms with the wall lengths marked and email it through to us, please include the following information:
  1. How many pictures will be hung - this will enable us to include hangers and hooks for an overall/realistic quotation for the complete system
  2. How many lights need to be included in the quote
  3. If possible the location for the transformers to be plugged/wired in - this can be left out if unsure and we can suggest the optimum position for the transformer/s


By Luke Norman

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