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Hanging your artwork

It is a big decision when it comes to hanging art work, holiday, travel or family photos. These objects usually say so much about who we are, where we have been and what we love.

We are usually putting ourselves on display and when doing so, making an emotional statement which should leave you and your family feeling warm, comfortable, proud even inspired. But what we usually do is put off these sorts of finishing touches, leaving pictures and photos in 'the spare room' or hide them in a cupboard away from view.

When a renovation is completed, you have moved into a new house, maybe a new picture has been framed or a new art work has been purchased. You should have the ongoing ability to display everything you have with the freedom to change your mind. In most cases when adding new pictures to your home you'll need to move furniture to accomodate it and maintain balance in the room.

If you have never made the investment in an art hanging system then you won't have experienced the flexibility nor the satisfaction that can be gained. A picture hanging solution is as an important investment as there are a few things that should be considered when it comes to hanging pictures, there is the quality of the materials used in the system's manufacture, the initial advice given when choosing the right type of system, lighting and how best to install all of this, all of these lead to one conclusive outcome; hanging your art and memories safely so they can be enjoyed, no matter how many times you rearrange or add to your collection.

Picture Hanging Systems Pty Ltd have knowledge that has been built upon and has continued to be refined since the early 80's when Robin Burt started the business. With our manufacturing facility in Queensland not only do we manufacture systems here in–house and distribute Australia wide, we are passionate about working with clients on site, selecting the right solution and carrying this through to installation of the picture rail. Our installation service has grown to have Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne based installers who can provide expertise usually by way of a free measure and quote service. We can assist with arranging artwork and working with you to get the most out of your living space, or professional environment along with any additional ongoing support for the freedom to rearrange your display when needed.

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