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Victorian rail hangers

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Handmade by us in our Sunshine Coast workshop, these Victorian hangers are truly unique. "When designing these I focused on strength, consistency and decided to have a bit of fun with them, breaking away from the traditional white and heritage green colours and adding some contemporary 'pop' colours.

Designed inline with the rest of our product offerings, using the same cords, means that the hooks will work throughout our ranges. The Victorian rail hangers are capable of holding 10 kgs per hanger. We always recommend investigating an existing wooden picture rail to make sure it is capable of holding the required weight also as these can be very old.

The hangers are formed to a generic profile, meaning that the design will fit to most rails. They hook over the top of the rail and have two tapered prongs which can be slightly adjusted to sit in the recess on the top of the rail where it meets the wall. The cord is either 2mm nylon or 1.8mm steel wire-rope which means the flexible excess can be coiled up and tucked behind the pictures. The hanger is fastened to the Victorian hook as opposed to a looped hanger aver the front of the hook, this increased the stability of the hanger.

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