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The Avanti Range

Avanti range

The Avanti system incorporates a range of applications using the same profile for the picture rail. The four applications are as follows:

Avanti standard (mounted to the face of a wall)

Avanti topfix (mounted to the face or recessed into a ceiling)

Avanti cantilever (recessed into a wall)

Avanti artshow (mounted to the top of a 3/4 wall or panel)

The system which was originally designed in the UK (1980's) has been used all over Europe for many years and was bought to Australia in 2005 when Luke Norman started this business.

Luke re-engineered the hangers in 2007 to bring them up to date with improved functionality with a new design. Strength and aesthetics were improved at the same time by using more up to date materials.

All Avanti hangers are made in our workshop on the Sunshine Coast and warehoused in Narangba, QLD for sending to our customers.

The following links will direct you to more information on each of the above applications: